I'm a Big Girl

I’m a big girl
(spoken word)

By 13 I had C boobs
by 13 I had C hips
Cat call me boobs and Curvy hips

I had those C eyes
And that C smile too.
Those “beautiful Cat eyes” and a “Come on, smile, baby” smile

By 18 I knew what Consensual did not fucking mean
By 18 I understood the need to be Conscious at a party with “friends”

By 22 I was the Cunt who accused her NCOIC of sexual harassment
By 22 my boss was dishonorably discharged but I was Crucified

By 27 I had FFF boobs
Those Free From Fucking men, boobs!
Yes, my boobs were bigger, but so was my stomach, my thighs and my double chin
And guess what, Fucking men don’t like that! No!
I was, gratefully, no longer “worthy” of their Fuckery!

By 27 I had Found my Fortress. My Fat Fortress.
But I Felt like a Failure so I began to change.

By 34 I had F boobs
Those Fitness Crazed, Food snob, CrossFit boobs!
But then came the Fucking Men again, this time with their
Forgotten and Foiled wedding rings in tow, their uninvited
Foul breath on my neck.

By 38 I had FF boobs again.
My Fat Fortress boobs!

But this time…
I Found that I can lift 270lbs within my Fat Fortress
I Found how to accept myself within my Fat Fortress
I Found how to love my Fucking Fabulous boobs, ass, thighs,
And even my Fabulous double chin from within my Fat Fortress.
I Forged my self-worth within the walls of my Fat Fortress.
A Fortress I will burn to the Fucking ground because

By Forty I will have F boobs again, but these will be made of Fire
that will Fuck a man up if he Fancies himself “just a little Fun.”

I Am a Big Girl!