I believe that all bodies should be celebrated no matter what size, shape, color, gender, sexual orientation, ect.
There is a boudoir session for every body, from modest beauty sessions to full nudity and everywhere in between

Accessibility is something that I find important but balancing that with my need to pay my bills is super difficult.
If you’re interested in any kind of session, boudoir, family, an event, engagement, etc… but cost is an issue, we can discuss payment plans. I also love to work trades. There are tons of studio projects coming up where I need help moving to a new space, painting, setting up. There’s a ton of SEO and marketing I need help with. Along with trades with other businesses as well.
Send me an email or give me a call and we can discuss options!


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Al la carte Boudoir: Session Fee of $200 + $50 per photo
This only covers one 2-hour session. Due at booking. This does not include photographs in any format. This fee is non-refundable after 7 days. It is transferrable. Your session must be completed within 60 days of booking unless other arrangements are made. This policy is to help people actually complete their session and not back out or reschedule 5 times. You look amazing now! Waiting one extra month won’t make the difference you are hoping for, I assure you! I’ll make sure to pose you correctly and help you make good decisions on your outfits. You’ll look fabulous! I got you! You got this! Let’s do it!

Then you pay by the photograph. They are $50 per photo. No discount on multiple photos. You can buy over time. You’ll come to the studio to see your gallery in-person and pick the one(s) you want. Later when you want to buy more, you’ll come into the studio to pick them out. Your online gallery will include the images you have paid for only.

You can also purchase prints, canvases, metal prints, or albums instead of digital images. For a full list of available products and their prices, shoot me an email! info@jennysboudoir.com

My hope is that those who cannot commit to $700 up front can still get photos they love of themselves while still respecting my time, energy, and talent.

Packaged Boudoir Session: $700:
$200 session fee for - 2.5 hours + $600 for 20 Digital Images (Comes out to $25 per photo)

Normally these are done in my studio, but I’m open to outdoor ideas or another location you have in mind provided lighting is good. In the summer I’m looking forward to doing some beach boudoir sessions for individuals and couples!

You can change your outfit as many times as we have time for, keep in mind that changing takes time away from the session so I like to keep it around 3 outfit changes or less, but I’m open. With this option I’m ok with going slightly over time.

You can do boudoir very modestly or you can be fully nude and everywhere in between. Light kink leaning sessions available as well.

You’ll have about 35-55+ images to choose from. If you want more than the 20 images this option comes with, they are available to purchase separately.

Digital images are downloaded from your own gallery on my website. Personalized thumbnails, albums, prints, etc. are available to purchase separately as well.


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$300+ - 45 Minutes - 7 Digital Images

We often need photographs of ourselves for various occasions, might as well have a bit of fun with it. These can be good for dating websites, social media, for you, the sky’s the limit! They are a bit more involved than simple headshots and take a bit more time. Beauty sessions are generally only waist up. You can wear a gown, lingerie, cosplay outfits, whatever you wish. These are generally done in-studio but other arrangements can be made. You’ll get about 20+ images to choose your 7 images from. If you want more than 7, they are available to purchase separately.

Digital images are downloaded from your own gallery on my website.


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$150+ - 15 minutes - 5 Digital Images

From the normal headshots you would use for all types of businesses from corporate to creative or a mixture of both! In-studio or at the park or any location of your choosing. Mileage fees may apply.

These last about 15 minutes. You’ll be able to pick 5 from a gallery of usually about 20. If you want more than 5, they are $15 each.

Digital images are downloaded from you own gallery on my website.

Other Sessions

Family portraits, cake smashes, senior sessions, kids, engagement, maternity, etc… start at $500 plus tax. Please contact me for more information! Family sessions are done outdoors or other locations only. Not in-studio.

Occasionally I do mini-sessions. These are 20 minutes. You get 10 digital images. $250 plus tax. Please email me for more info!


Birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette / bachelor parties, work events, book launches, pretty much any event that is not a weddings - Start at $400 which included 3 hours of coverage. $50/hour each additional hour even if full hour isn’t used. If I stay for 2 hours and 10 minutes, it’s still an additional $50.


Weddings are wonderful! They are a joyous occasion! The photographer shouldn’t be noticed much. I only do very small, casual, “on the beach somewhere. Cool, salty breeze.” style weddings and they start at $1200 for only documentary style photography. For the traditional poses like bride and groom with whole family, with brides maids, with groomsmen, with the bride’s family, with the grooms family, etc…. it’s an additional $500+ depending on the amount of people and time it takes. Unplugged ceremonies only. Let’s avoid the whole photographs of the ceremony with everyone’s cellphones blocking the view of the people behind them and the professional photographer you’re paying for. Nobody needs Aunt Karen’s shaky iPad photos. haha! I only take up to 3 weddings a year and sometimes not even that many. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who loves all styles and sizes of weddings, please see Lisa Monet! She rocks!