(Food first because let's be real here... I like food and coffee... haha)

Moon Rise Cafe in Lakewood, WA. The staff are all awesome! Locally owned and operated. The portions are huge, the food is AMAZING and the prices are perfect. Paleo friendly, gluten free friendly, vegetarian friendly... they have something for everyone! They keep odd hours so plan ahead. Enjoy!

Valhalla Coffee has the best tasting coffee ever. I love them, coffee wise, they are my favorite. The staff is friendly and they make amazing breve caramel lattes. The best ever.

Metronome Coffee has unique flavors that they make themselves. They are open late. They have open mic nights. It's a great place.

Red Elm is locally owned and operated by 3 women! Girl Power! The food is well-priced and amazing and fun... and the coffee is great too! 

More coffee places coming... I may have a coffee addiction...


Tacoma Strength is the best Crossfit gym in town! The people are absolutely amazing and the training is not only fun and challenging but very affective. The owners, Leon and Craig, are both amazing people. They've been voted "Best place to get your ass kicked" as well! Come get yours kicked today!

Drs. Paul and Laelle Martin of Brilliant Life Chiropractic are pretty awesome. They are very knowledgeable, fun, friendly, and kind hearted. You won't find anyone better. AND I work there so the customer service is AMAZING! Turns out I'm a FABULOUS Office Manager. Who knew.

T-Town MMA Jimmy the owner is tough when he needs to be and a tiny dancer when he needs to be. You won't regret signing up at T-Town MMA!

More to come...