Journal Tejida

Journal Tejida is a literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that are written in Spanglish. The pieces can be about anything so long as it is written in Spanglish. Visual art submissions need to have something to do with the idea of: woven, mixed, joining, cooperation, together, us, etc... Well-lit, composed photos of paintings, sculptures, textiles, etc. are accepted as well.
For more information see the Submission Guidelines page (coming soon).

There are many people in the world who speak both languages weaving them both together like a beautiful tapestry. Tejida's goal is to provide a place where this genre of literature is celebrated.

Tejida is currently looking for people who speak English and Spanish fluently and who have a love and understanding of literature to help shape the journal and to read submissions. My level of Spanish isn't where it needs to be to do this on my own. Please email me at if you're interested in an editor position. As this is a new journal, this is a volunteer position only. Thank you.